Reducing your courtesy car costs

Courtesy Car Cover

Management of your courtesy and demonstrator fleet has
never been more important. With legislation demanding
accurate tracking of all vehicles, the need to properly record
all short-term hires is critical to your business.
Our secure web-based software allows you to manage your
fleet of cars, view availability and check driver records – all
at the touch of a button. No complicated software
installations, no set-up costs.
If you can access the
internet… you can use c2.

c2’s unique approach to daily insurance is to source a policy
specifically for your group but not part of your motor trade
policy. This approach has led to savings of several thousands
of £s for each dealer site when compared to alternative daily
insurance products. Look at the considerable savings AM
100 dealers have achieved using c2’s unique flexible daily
insurance product…

  • 40 site group saved over £100,000 in insurance costs
  • 25 site group saved over £70,000 in insurance costs
  • 15 site group saved over £40,000 in insurance costs

Benefit of c2

  • Earn revenue from courtesy car fleet
  • Improve administration
  • Web based, no need to install softwar
  • Track traffic violations
  • Manage your fleet
  • Immediate insurance cover notes
  • Seamless integration with current client database
  • Instant status reports

Easy to use

c2’s easy-to-use reservation diary lets you accurately record
your fleet’s usage and instantly produce the necessary paperwork
for each driver; ensuring you are compliant with industry
regulations and that drivers and cars are properly insured.

Management reporting

Reports, at the click of a button, will instantly show you how
well the fleet is being utilised, check the mileage of each car,
and track any speeding, parking or traffic congestion charges.

Dealer Login

You can login into the c2 system by clicking the following link:

Dealer login - click here

Quick start

Our bespoke web based software has been designed for ease
of set up and requires the minimum of staff training. If you
can use a diary, you can use c2.

Reducing costs

By offering c2’s daily insurance, customers can remove liability
from either the driver’s or their own motor insurance. This
will reduce claims and improve premiums for the customer.

Generating Revenue

By charging a daily administration fee for this service,
customers can start to see their fleet as a revenue generator
rather than a cost.

  • Easy-to-use fleet management tool
  • Earn revenue from your fleet
  • Secure web based software
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Professional paperwork

“ The c2 service really delivers on all fronts. As well as improving our profitability, it has excellent reporting features and a very responsive technical development team should we need anything changed. Users find c2 faster and easier to use than our previous system and we have made considerable savings using it.”

Steve Walsh, Group Aftersales Manager, RRG Group

To identify insurance savings and arrange a demonstration of
the c2 system, call us now on 0345 620 2664